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EchoSheet Acoustics Sound Insulation Wooden & Veneer Doors & Steel Doors 35dB – 56dB FR 45-90Min.

    Soundproof doors are doors that block airborne noise and are used in places where noise is very loud or privacy requirement is very high. Acoustic wooden door is the most popular series among our three main categories of acoustic doors, as there are many unique features.

1. Made of multi-layer solid wood.
2. Without threshold by default.
3. Design and manufacturing suitbale for your demand traditional door or modern door

    Normal factories only know to increase the thickness of door to improve acoustic performance. However, the door thickness can’t be increase largely or it’s not convenient to use. The unique design of the EchoSheet Acoustics soundproof Wooden & Veneer door is not required to increase the weight of the door leaf largely. There is a high-quality sealing strip at the gap between the wood soundproof door and a self-descending sealing strip at the bottom of the door to effectively block the noise. These soundproof design will not affect the surface decoration effect. It can be processed into various decorative finishes. It not only guarantees the appearance of the decoration, but also has excellent sound insulation performance. It is a professional solution for modern public and home decoration.

    With the continuous improvement of people’s living standards, the acoustic requirements for the living environment are getting higher and higher. Because there are many gaps in the door, it is the weak link in the sound insulation system of the whole room. To provide more comfortable and privacy space, wooden acoustics door is used as most of the soundproof hotel doors and family room doors  nowadays.


Acoustic Wooden Door & Acoustic Veneer Door Specifications:


Door frame specifications: 910x2100mm, or customize
Door thickness: 55, 50, 60mm or customize
Acoustic performance: Rw/STC 35 dB – 56 dBsound insulation or customize
Hardware accessories: self-drop seal for bottom of the door, the strip for door side, door locks, door closers (optional) customize
Finishes: natural veneer, technology veneer, HPL, environmental protection paint, etc. or customize

FireProof: 40 Min.60 Min. 90 Min. FR 

EchoSheet Acoustic Garage Doors
Echosheet Acoustic Sliding Door
EchoSheet Acoustic Meetingroom Door
EchoSheet Acoustic Enter Door
EchoSheet Acoustic Home Door


Soundproof : 35 dB to 56 dB

FireProof : 45 Min. to 90 Min.


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